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Since the "dawn of popular music", a steady stream of golden tones has been carried with waves and winds across the Atlantic, and shaped by the surroundings they have passed on their way.

Magnolia Red is the result of such a musical giants cauldron, strongly influenced by the diverse and harsh Norwegian North West, whose strong contrasts of fjords and mountains, storms and silence are reflected in a dynamic and varied musical universe that is described as both recognizable and different at the same time.

Freedom to create without limitations, and unity over individualism are the core values that were laid out when the four members started Magnolia Red in January 2017, and the band is 100% independent and self-supported in all areas.

In the three years that have passed, the quartet has focused on building the band step by step, and 2020 marks a milestone in Magnolia Red's history with the release of the debut album Ancient River; a collection of ten original tracks which, like previous releases, were recorded at Ocean Sound Recordings on the small island Giske outside Aalesund on the Norwegian North West coast.

Magnolia Red is:
Frank Bjørdal – Vocals & Guitars
Roy-Jostein Fiskerstrand – Guitars & Vocals
Eyvinn Magnus Solberg – Bass & Vocals
Ronny Blomvik – Drums







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